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Voting in Jefferson County in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Register to Vote, Update Address External Link Icon

  • Make sure you are registered and your address is current. Ballots are not forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service. Confirm or change your voter registration information at Link Icon

2. Vote Your Ballot

  • During every election, your ballot will arrive in the mail. You have a choice of how to return your voted ballot.
    • Mail back your ballot to the Elections Division by close of business on Election Day with adequate First Class postage (Post Marked ballots will not be counted).
    • Visit any Voter Service Center to vote in person, request a new or replacement ballot, change your voter registration information, register to vote or use accessible voting equipment.
    • Learn more about Mail Ballot Delivery elections.

3. Check Ballot Status External Link Icon

  • Make sure we received your ballot – ballot status will be available online by entering your information into the My Voter Information search tool.


Registering to vote for the first time in Colorado:

Registration Requirements:

  • United States Citizen
  • A resident of the state of Colorado for at least 22 days
  • At least 16-years-old and understands that they must be 18 years old to be eligible to vote
  • Provides a valid Colorado Driver’s License, Colorado ID card (Issued by the Dept. of Revenue) OR presents one of the acceptable forms of identification for voting First Time Voter Acceptable Forms of Identification asset icon

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Registration Deadlines:

The last day to register to vote or change the address on a voter registration is now determined by the method voters chooses to submit their registration.

Up to 8 days prior to the Election (October 27, 2014) to receive a mail ballot


Any time in-person  including Election Day (November 4, 2014) 


*Colorado law requires identification at the polls for first-time voters who register by mail and for mail ballot voters who did not provide proper ID upon registering to vote.

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