Sponsored Legislation

Seventieth General Assembly (2015-2016)

2016 – Second Regular Session

SB16-023 Funding For Full-day Kindergarten

SB16-052 Certify Authorizers Of Multi-district Online Schools

SB16-072 Increase Annual Lease-purchase Payment Cap For “Building Excellent Schools Today” School Construction Program

SB16-101 Creation Of A School Board Ethics Commission

SB16-102 Repeal Certain Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences

HB16-1002 Employee Leave For Purposes Of Attending Child’s Academic Activities

HB16-1198 Computer Science Courses Fulfilling  Certain Graduation Requirements

HB16-1290 Extension Of The Transitional Jobs Program

2015 – First Regular Session

HB15-1164 Postponement Of Jury Service For Breast-feeding

HB15-1204 Distillery Pub Alcohol Beverage License

HB15-1212 Authority To Sell State Trust Lands To Local Gov

HB15-1221 Employee Leave Attend Child’s Academic Activities

HB15-1251 PERA & Denver Pub Sch 5 Year True-up

HB15-1274 Creation Of Career Pathways For Students

HB15-1323 Changes To Assessments In Public Schools

HB15-1324 Implementing Student Learning Objectives Processes

HB15-1334 Legislative Oversight Committee On School Finance

HB15-1369 Define Tuition Status Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

HB15-1388 SCORE Act For PERA Pension Obligation Bonds

SB15-033 Increasing Funding For Public Pre-K-12 Education

SB15-056 Frequency Of Statewide Social Studies Testing

SB15-062 Extend Restriction Tuition Increases Higher Ed

SB15-200 Private Student Loan Disclosure Requirements

SB15-201 Cert Authorizers of Multi-district On-line Schools

SB15-215 Changes To Assessments In Public Schools