About Andy

andy-kerr-aboutAndy lives in Lakewood with his wife Tammy and their three children.

A long time resident, he attended Foothills Elementary School, Dunstan Middle School, and Green Mountain High School, Andy continued on to get a B.A. in Geography, a M.A. in Information and Learning Technologies, and an Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies license, all from the University of Colorado.

Andy has spent over a decade with the Jefferson County Public Schools as a teacher and curriculum specialist, and has worked with many boards and organizations committed to improving education in Colorado.

Since joining the State Assembly in 2006, Andy has been a fighter for our schools, our health, our seniors, and our economy.

He has had many legislative accomplishments including the sponsorship of bills that. . .

  • Removed restrictions on the use of energy efficiency measures in the home and empowered citizens to participate in the Green economy.
  • Centralized the state’s information technology system creating greater security, and saved our State millions in tax dollars through greater efficiency.
  • Ensured greater access to cancer prevention services and improves quality of health care.
  • Provided financial incentives for teachers in the math and science area by creating the Teach Colorado Grant Initiative.
  • Created workplace accommodations for nursing mothers to support healthy children and productive and successful mothers as they reenter the workplace.
  • Provided tools so Colorado adults can afford to go back to school to get the skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century economy.

Andy served House District 26 for six and a half years and now serves Senate District 22.